Schweizerzug rolls out a digital booking platform for container trains

1. October 2020
Schweizerzug startet eine digitale Buchungsplattform für Containerzüge

Schweizerzug AG will launch a fully integrated digital booking platform on 1 October 2020. The online system will offer customers complete visibility and control over bookings, increasing transparency, eliminating wait times and reducing both errors in the shipping process and the resulting supply chain interruptions.

The platform’s intuitive interface shows customers an overview of available transport capacities and issues a live confirmation of booking within a few clicks, eliminating delays between order sending and confirmation. The online system also provides direct feedback on customers’ data entry and alerts for missing data, thereby reducing booking errors. In addition, the booking platform offers automated notifications about rebooking and delays as well as confirmation of cargo departure and arrival.

The online system enables import/export bookings between the western ports of Rotterdam/Antwerp and Switzerland in both directions. This is supplemented by direct rail connections within Switzerland as well as truck deliveries. Customers can always see an overview of their digital bookings as well as the estimated/actual departure time (ETD/ATD). China bookings are still currently being made using the existing booking forms.  

The digital platform also simplifies day-to-day work by storing customer documents for the internet customs declarations (e-dec) with the Swiss Federal Customs Administration (FCA). For example, an e-dec for creating a T1 for export, commercial invoices for creating e-dec import/customs clearance import or waybill. Customers can also download and save their booking summary, T1 documents or customs clearance orders. In addition, customers will receive a warning message if the PIN, the ship number for Antwerp or other documents are missing.

“By launching this booking platform, we are taking another step towards the digital future and are equipping Schweizerzug for long-term success. We strongly believe digitalisation has the power to improve the daily business of our customers, and this is certainly true during unpredictable and challenging times. This is why digitalisation is a cornerstone of our Group’s strategy,” says Roman Mayer, CEO Schweizerzug.

Personal communication and customer service will still remain an important aspect of Schweizerzug’s core business. However, Schweizerzug expects that the rollout of the booking platform will simplify and thus improve the transport experience for customers.

Schweizerzug is continually working on new services to offer its customers a state-of-the-art experience – all in line with the Swissterminal Group’s Digitalisation Strategy 4.0.

The booking platform is now available free of charge for all Schweizerzug customers and can be accessed at Registered customers will receive their login data in 24 hours. The digital booking platform can be accessed on all standard devices.