Simplified customs assessment procedures

22. June 2020

Swissterminal will be adopting a new customs procedure as required by the Federal Customs Administration (EZV) for its sites in Frenkendorf, Basel and Birsfelden with effect from 1 July 2020. Intended to simplify customs clearance procedures, EZV’s new regulations require a written declaration be completed for the release and removal of loading units.

As the Swiss market leader for container terminal services, we are first-adopter of this new regulation. In the future, all other relevant providers will be required to comply with this same procedure.

What is the new customs procedure?

In the future, Swissterminal will only release loading units with a written declaration of release from the customer.  This declaration standardises the process, helping increase efficiency by eliminating delays due to unclear information. With one declaration, several loading units can be released at once.

Who is required to submit a declaration of release?

Release via EDI interface

Direct releases to Swissterminal via the EDI interface remain unaffected by this new regulation, provided the release has been approved by the responsible customs office.

Informal forwarding

To order this method of cargo transfer, a written declaration of release is now required from the authorised consignee.

Consignment forwarding under the common transit procedure (transit forwarding)

To order this transfer option, a written declaration of release is now also required from the authorised consignee. If this method of forwarding is regularly carried out, power of attorney can be granted to Swissterminal, and we will happily manage the process for you. The following conditions must be met:

  • A valid transit accompanying document must be available and carried by the truck driver.
  • Any customs seals must be intact and match the information in the transit documents. Additionally, the means of transport should not show signs of external damage and must also match the information in the transit documents.
  • Empty means of transport must not contain any goods.
  • The respective transport operator understands the customs regulations and complies with all transit procedures.

Do you know an authorised consignee (AC/ZE) or are you an AC who would like to carry out customs clearance in Frenkendorf?

Please contact using the subject “ZO Swissterminal Basel / Birsfelden / Frenkendorf” and include your excerpt from the authorised consignee list from customs.

When is this requirement effective?

Beginning 1 July 2020, the new release form will be required for the release of cargo.