The Swisstrain expands its service offering

7. July 2017
The Swisstrain expands its service offering

Frenkendorf, Switzerland, 6 July 2017: The Swisstrain, a transportation product offered by Frenkendorf-based Swissterminal AG, expands its service portfolio. As from 10 July 2017, the train will serve the Port of Antwerp in addition to the Port of Rotterdam.

In this context, Swissterminal will switch its service connection from the inland hub of Duisburg and will use the hub Neuss Trimodal to offer reliable and efficient links to two of Europe’s most important sea ports. Customers of the Swisstrain will continue to benefit from the many advantages a hub offers, such as for example a high frequency of links to various terminals on a regular basis.

Furthermore, Swissterminal has entered a partnership with the logistics service provider Optimodal Nederland B.V. By teaming up with Optimodal as an import agency, Swissterminal is present at the major transport hubs of both Rotterdam and Neuss and information, for example pertaining to the seagoing vessel, can be delivered even quicker.

The Swisstrain will continue to connect the terminal in Frenkendorf three times per week and the facility in Rekingen twice per week with the respective sea ports.

The link with the Port of Rotterdam is offered either via a pure rail connection or through combined transport using rail and barge. The Maasvlakte terminals, ECT-Delta, APMT 1 and APMT 2 as well as RWG and Euromax in Rotterdam are served by rail via Neuss according to the new schedule. If preferred, the Maasvlakte terminals can be reached by barge as well. The city terminals Uniport, Waalhaven, Botlek and RST are connected by barge three times per week.

The Antwerp service operates with two barge departures per week and serves the terminals 730, 869, 913, 1700 and 1742.

Roman Mayer, President and Delegate of the Board at Swissterminal AG, comments: “We are delighted that we are able to expand the service offering of our Swisstrain just shortly after its launch. The first Swisstrain carrying boxes with destination Rotterdam left our terminal in Frenkendorf in October last year. Since then we have noticed an increasing demand for transport solutions in the market. By adding Antwerp to our service portfolio, the change to Neuss Trimodal as a hub and Optimodal as import agency, we expand our market leadership as a provider of integrated and independent services for the transport and terminal services in Switzerland.”

The new service schedules are available online at