Schweizerzug After Work in Zurich: direct train to Rotterdam picks up speed

10. February 2023

Swissterminal launched a new chapter in the history of the Schweizerzug on 1 January 2023 with the new direct connection from Switzerland to Rotterdam. Together with its product partners DP World and Port of Rotterdam, Swissterminal presented the new product to its customers at the Schweizerzug After Work Special in Zurich on 9 February 2023

Swissterminal is off to a buoyant start in the new year, reaching another milestone in its history: since 1 January 2023, Schweizerzug has been directly departing from the Frenkendorf and Niederglatt sites to Rotterdam several times a week.

The new train product was also in focus on 9 February 2023 at the Schweizerzug After Work Special in Zurich. Numerous Swiss customers and interested parties were given an exclusive look behind the scenes of Schweizerzug, the port activities in Rotterdam and the DP World’s partner network.

In the first part, CEO Roman Mayer told the story of how the new product came about: “We were faced with a difficult decision last year. In view of the supply chain problems, our primary goal was to be able to offer our customers the greatest possible schedule stability and flexibility. I am convinced that we have made the right move.” The direct train to Rotterdam is intended to continue the success story of the Antwerp train, which was also launched through a hub system. Meanwhile, this train runs four times a week directly from Frenkendorf and twice a week from Niederglatt.

Like Swissterminal, the Port of Rotterdam is focusing on digitalisation and sustainability to make supply chains smarter, more efficient, and more sustainable. “After all, the port has set itself the goal of becoming the smartest and most sustainable port in the world,” Rotterdam’s port representative Howard Lamb elaborated. “Switzerland is a leading industrial nation in Europe’s hinterland and thus plays an important role in our port. The new direct connection with the Schweizerzug strengthens this relationship,” said Lamb.

The direct train to Rotterdam is also an expression of a strong partnership between Swissterminal and DP World. “Thanks to our cooperation with Swissterminal, our network in the European hinterland has grown strongly,” explained Niels Dekker, CCO of DP World Logistics Europe. The global terminal operator is relying on sustainable and intelligent logistics solutions to shape global trade.

Swissterminal and DP World offer their customers a one-stop-shop solution from the factory to the European western ports with the Schweizerzug. “Schweizerzug stands as a sustainable and flexible transport solution.”, explains Mayer.

At the aperitif following the three presentations, the benefits and possibilities of the new direct connection to Rotterdam sparked numerous interesting conversations and discussions. “This marks the beginning of a new chapter for Schweizerzug. We will also continue to optimise this product so that we can continuously offer our customers a top service,” says Mayer. The first improvements have already been made, for example in the closing times for containers and documents.