Your supply chain pit stop

More than just storage, our warehousing solutions are highly customisable with a host of value-added services. Lean, compliant and directly integrated into our terminal and transport services, our warehousing operations help you gain speed, control and visibility.

Break & Make Bulk

Simplifying your supply chain

With our Break & Make Bulk supply chain solution, we offer a comprehensive range of warehousing services for all standard consumer goods – directly integrated into our terminal, depot and transport services at our main location in Frenkendorf near Basel.

Our goal: Optimising your business’s logistics operations through intelligent and efficient processes. Your advantage: Lower transport costs for just-in-time deliveries.

Product overviews

  • Loading / unloading containers
  • Palletising
  • Customs / transit clearance
  • X-Docking or temporary storage in the warehouse
  • Pre-carriage by truck / train or on-carriage to your loading ramp

Depending on your needs, Swissterminal either manages the delivery/collection of goods to/from your location or processes your batches directly at our warehouse in Frenkendorf. With live tracking, you stay informed about the status of your shipment during transport.

Our warehouse’s extended cut-off times for distribution and order picking ensure your supply chain can continue to tick like clockwork. Meanwhile, state-of-the-art technologies, a high-quality standard and short communication channels complete our service.

The Break & Make Bulk advantage:

  • Fewer empty trips
  • More flexibility
  • Faster processing
  • Relieved storage space
  • Lower costs (e.g. detention, transport)
  • Reduced CO2 emissions

Break & Make Bulk eliminates empty trips and individual cargo transfers by road – both within Switzerland as well as to and from the seaports. This not only significantly lowers your transport costs, but also reduces your shipping emissions.

What’s more: your empty containers can now be returned to the depot faster, lowering detention costs.

Facts and Figures

  • 22,000 m2 of storage space
  • 16,000 euro pallet storage capacity
  • 100 m of integrated rail siding inside the hall
  • Direct rail connection via the terminal Frenkendorf
  • Overall length AGL 1,600 m
  • 16 truck loading ramps
  • Motorway connection to the A2 and A3
  • Rail connections to north, south, east and west: Neuss, ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Genoa and Rail Hub Milano, which offers further connections to La Spezia, Ravenna, Trieste.
Swissterminal AG - Warehousing

Distribution network

Connecting the warehouse to the world’s oceans

Our warehouse is seamlessly integrated into our main location in Frenkendorf. From here, you can reach the ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp, Genoa, La Spezia, Ravenna and Trieste as well as the rail hubs in Melzo near Milan and Neuss in the Ruhr area daily by train. Rail connections to the Chinese hubs Xian and Hefei are also available.

Swissterminal AG - Warehousing