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Swissterminal operates one of Europe’s leading integrated container terminal, port and inland service networks. With our comprehensive logistics portfolio, we are uniquely positioned to help you achieve better supply chain efficiency, reliability and resiliency. That way, your cargo stays on track, and your business stays ahead.


Schweizerzug After Work in Zurich: direct train to Rotterdam picks up speed

Schweizerzug After Work in Zurich: direct train to Rotterdam picks up speed

Swissterminal launched a new chapter in the history of the Schweizerzug on 1 January 2023 with the new direct connection from Switzerland to Rotterdam. Together with its product partners DP World and Port of Rotterdam, Swissterminal presented the […]
Swissterminal delivers direct connections to Rotterdam and Antwerp

Swissterminal delivers direct connections to Rotterdam and Antwerp

The transport industry in Europe is operating under difficult conditions. Swissterminal delivers reliability, sustainability and direct connections to western European ports. From 2023, the Schweizerzug runs directly between Switzerland and […]
Swissterminal celebrates 50th anniversary

Swissterminal celebrates 50th anniversary

Alex Mayer founded Swissterminal AG 50 years ago. The empty container depot has grown into the Swiss market leader for container handling and trading with around 160 employees. Swissterminal’s success story was celebrated on 8 September 2022 at […]

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Switzerland Switzerland

Basel – Frenkendorf8 9Bimodal terminal

The rail gateway to Switzerland

Our facility in Frenkendorf is not only our headquarters, but also the largest privately operated container terminal in Switzerland. This […]

Bimodal terminal8 9

Basel – Kleinhüningen7 8 9Trimodal terminal

The barge gateway to Switzerland

Our trimodal location in Basel connects Switzerland and neighbouring regions in Germany and France to Europe’s largest container ports by […]

Trimodal terminal7 8 9

Basel – Birsfelden7 8 9Trimodal terminal

Trimodal container terminal and reefer centre

Our trimodal terminal Birsfelden is located just outside the city limits of Basel. Along with its optimal position on the river Rhine, this […]

Trimodal terminal7 8 9

Basel – Liestal8Monomodal Terminal

The biggest empty truck centre in Switzerland

The facility in Liestal was built in 2008 to reduce congestion at existing depots for empty container depots in Switzerland. Today, this is […]

Monomodal Terminal8

Zürich – Niederglatt8 9Bimodal terminal

Excellent connections in the heart of Europe

Located just outside Zurich’s city limits, this bimodal terminal offers efficient container handling for both rail and truck and features […]

Bimodal terminal8 9


Ile Napoléon7 9Bimodal terminal

The bulk/breakbulk hub

Our terminal in Ile Napoléon is the ideal location for the handling and storage of bulk and breakbulk cargo. Just outside the Mulhouse city […]

Bimodal terminal7 9

Ottmarsheim7 8 9Trimodal terminal

At the centre of the tri-border area

Our trimodal terminal in Ottmarsheim is not only positioned for barge transport on the Rhine, but also offers excellent road and rail […]

Trimodal terminal7 8 9

Huningue-Village-Neuf7 9Bimodal terminal

The international transhipment port

Ideally located in the tri-border area, Huningue-Village Neuf is our trimodal transhipment centre. This terminal directly borders Basel […]

Bimodal terminal7 9

Celebrating five decades of Swissterminal

Since 1972, forward-thinking logistics solutions and family values have been the hallmarks of our company. Explore our legacy of innovation!

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