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We are one of the largest container providers in Switzerland, offering a broad selection of new and used containers for rent or purchase.

Whether you’re searching for a container to use for transport, storage or bridging a cold chain gap, we’ll help you find the right solution for your unique needs.


Explore high-quality containers for purchase

Interested in buying a new or used shipping container? Browse through our offers to find the right unit for your requirements.


Discover a range of flexible container rental solutions

Rent new and used shipping containers under the most convenient, affordable and efficient policies.

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CSC Certification

Advance your container business with our CSC inspection and certification services. Benefit from safe containers that enable easy handling, transport and storage.

Our team is fully qualified to provide CSC inspection and validation. In addition, we offer professional cleaning and repair services that adhere to the international CSC requirements. Please contact sales@swissterminal.com for more information.

Reefer Services

We offer services for temperature-controlled containers, including repair, pre-trip inspection and setting adjustment.

With our mobile Swissterminal Reefer Service, we can service your refrigerated containers on-site, even at locations across the Swiss border. Please contact sales@swissterminal.com for more information.

Be Inspired

Shipping containers are renowned for their strength, longevity and portability, making them an ideal structure to construct buildings for many uses at a cost that beats that of traditional buildings.

More and more containers are finding second lives as homes, bars, box offices, swimming pools and more. Today, our containers are loved by the hip and the practical as well as artisans, DIY-ers and engineers, as they are affordable and flexible.

“Swissterminal’s used reefer containers offer a flexible, sustainable solution from which we can create living and working spaces in every size and form – from tiny houses to single family homes.”
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