Swissterminal delivers direct connections to Rotterdam and Antwerp

6. December 2022

The transport industry in Europe is operating under difficult conditions. Swissterminal delivers reliability, sustainability and direct connections to western European ports. From 2023, the Schweizerzug runs directly between Switzerland and Rotterdam several times a week. Three round trips a week are available for customers from Frenkendorf and Niederglatt. Swissterminal is also expanding its offering to Antwerp. The Schweizerzug now offers four rounds trips a week from Frenkendorf and two round trips a week from Niederglatt.

The transport industry in Europe is operating under difficult conditions. The geopolitical situation, the skills shortage and infrastructure problems on the German rail network have made it a turbulent year in freight transport.

With the Schweizerzug, Swissterminal wants to ensure the greatest possible timetable stability and fast connections between inland locations and seaports. “Even very small delays can result in soaring production costs for our customers,” says Roman Mayer, CEO of Swissterminal.

In order to make transport chains more robust and resilient, Swissterminal delivers direct connections and an expansion of the timetable. Next year, the Schweizerzug will run from Switzerland directly to Rotterdam multiple times a week. At the same time, the company is expanding its timetable for Antwerp.

As from 1 January 2023, three weekly round trips respectively between Frenkendorf-Rotterdam and Niederglatt-Rotterdam will be available to Swissterminal customers. The direct connection between Frenkendorf and Antwerp will operate four times a week, and the service to/from Niederglatt will run twice a week.

Together with its partner DP World, Swissterminal organises transfers at the Rotterdam World Gateway and Antwerp Gateway arrival terminals, depending on customer requirements, and transportation from the first mile to the last mile in Switzerland.

“We therefore offer our Swiss customers a one-stop-shop solution from the factory to the European seaports. Fewer interfaces make it possible to save valuable resources. We stand for reliability, quality and sustainability here,” Mayer elaborates. The Schweizerzug timetable is published here.