New paint

1. August 2016
New paint - Swissterminal AG

Swissterminal gets the Frenkendorf terminal in shipshape

The terminal in Frenkendorf is of national importance: it is Switzerland‘s optimal rail link tothe ports in the north and the south as well as the largest empty container depot for deepseashipping companies. If we are to continue offering Swiss container traffic in Frenkendorfthe best possible service, the terminal will need a lick of paint. Swissterminal will start withrenovations this summer and proceed with the individual construction works in phases overthe next four years. It will be arranged to fit in with terminal operations to ensure that we cancontinue to carry out our customers’ orders with no change in our high level of service quality

Swissterminal is planning to do the renovation works in the following phases:

2016/2017: Renovation of the crane track
Because of land subsidence caused by operations, the Frenkendorf terminalcrane track will be renovated in the second half of 2016.

During the first phase, the foundation will be widened and resin injectedto raise and stabilize the ground. Thereafter the crane rail and wheelswill be replaced.

2018: New fencing, monitoring and signalling
The entire terminal in Frenkendorf will be enclosed with a new fencesystem compliant with the international ISPS guidelines. Finally, the areawill be equipped with thermal cameras so that our customers’ cargo ispermanently monitored. This phase will also include modernization ofthe terminal‘s signalling system for optimized traffic management.

2018: Renovation of traffic infrastructure and parking area
The road surfaces around the terminal has deteriorated badly, especiallywhere there are bends in the roads. The top layer of asphalt will bereplacedand an improved bonding with the deeper layers created to reducethe occurrence of cracking. At the same time, concrete foundationswill be created at intervals in the parking area.

2018/2019: New hazardous materials tanks
The final phase in the renovation of the Frenkendorf terminal will involve building two new hazardous materials tanks.

The port terminal in Birsfelden will soon be more accessible

In February this year the Port of Switzerland presented a “Shipping industry action plan fordevelopment of southern ports”. It includes plans to increase the depth of the fairway up toBirsfelden, for the first time permitting a maximum loaded draft of 3.50 meters. This meansthat the port terminal in Birsfelden will in future also be more accessible for heavily loadedcontainer ships. In addition, the Swiss Rhine ports are acquiring a new pusher tug, the “WildMaa”, which will be used for unmanned pushed barge trains and other cargo en route toBasel’ssouthern ports.

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