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Connecting Switzerland to the world

Powering global trade. As a landlocked country, access to the world’s seas is critical for Switzerland.

That’s where we come in.

The rail gateway to Switzerland

Swissterminal AG | Flachsackerstrasse 7 | 4402 Frenkendorf | Switzerland

Our facility in Frenkendorf is not only our headquarters, but also the largest privately operated container terminal in Switzerland.

This bimodal terminal (rail/road) is directly located on the European North-South corridor, with excellent links to both directions.

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The barge gateway to Switzerland

Swissterminal AG | Westquaistrasse 12 | 4019 Basel | Switzerland

Our trimodal location in Basel connects Switzerland and neighbouring regions in Germany and France to Europe’s largest container ports by barge.

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Trimodal container terminal and reefer centre

Swissterminal AG | Hafenstrasse 14 | 4127 Birsfelden | Switzerland

Our trimodal terminal Birsfelden is located just outside the city limits of Basel. Along with its optimal position on the river Rhine, this facility features excellent connections to rail and road networks.

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The biggest empty truck centre in Switzerland

Swissterminal AG | Unterfeldstrasse 13 | 4410 Liestal | Switzerland

The facility in Liestal was built in 2008 to reduce congestion at existing depots for empty container depots in Switzerland.

Today, this is the biggest empty truck centre in the country.

Basel - Liestal - Swissterminal AG
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Excellent connections in the heart of Europe

Swissterminal AG | Industriestrasse 139 | 8155 Niederhasli | Switzerland

Located just outside Zurich’s city limits, this bimodal terminal offers efficient container handling for both rail and truck and features efficient connections to locations in Switzerland, Germany and Austria.

Zürich-Niederglatt is linked to all European main seaports via the gateway in Neuss and offers direct rail connections to the port of Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Zürich - Niederglatt
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Global reach, Local presence

Swissterminal Network Links

We provide fast, reliable and regular connections across Europe as well as to China, helping bring your business ambitions to life.

Our partnership with DP World also links our customers with a global network of terminal locations, allowing you to flexibly design your international supply chain. Explore DP World’s worldwide network here.