Virus-free containers: Swissterminal offers new disinfection service

30. March 2021
Virenfreie Container: Swissterminal bietet neuen Service zur Desinfektion

Swissterminal AG, the leading operator of private container terminals and depots in Switzerland, is now offering customers a new container disinfection service. The introduction of this solution is in direct response to the increased need for hygiene and protection measures against the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. In addition, the service treats contaminants such as mould as well as neutralises odours.

Through this service, Swissterminal customers receive sanitised containers that significantly reduce health risks related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus as well as other viruses, bacteria, yeasts and fungi. Cold fogging, the most up-to-date surface disinfecting method, is used to sterilise the containers.

The thorough and professional container disinfection process minimises the possibility of coronavirus transmission via smear infection. After the disinfection process is complete, traces of silver remain on the container’s surfaces, which further prevents the reproduction of germs. No flammable or malodourous fumes are released during the process. The disinfectant used in this service can be found on the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health’s (FOHP) product reference list.

As part of this new service range, customers can also opt to treat containers against other pathogens such as mould or incorporate odour-neutralising agents.

Roman Mayer, Swissterminal CEO, explains: “Enhanced hygiene and protection measures are our top priority right now. With our new disinfection process, we offer customers a safe, efficient way to treat containers and safeguard the cargo inside them. Ultimately, this solution helps limit the spread of the coronavirus amidst the current pandemic situation.”

The use of disinfectant products and odour-neutralisation services increases the safety of all parties involved and enables a more seamless supply chain operation. “With this new service, we can adequately meet our customers’ need for value-added container services,” notes Mayer.