Swissterminal introduces environmental standard ISO 14001 in Switzerland

2. September 2022

As part of its recertification in accordance with the ISO 9001 quality standard, Swissterminal’s sites in Switzerland also certified itself for the first time in accordance with the ISO 14001 norm in July 2022. With this certification, Swissterminal demonstrates that it complies with the internationally standardised norm in the area of environmental management systems.

Swissterminal has undergone the ISO 14001 certification in Switzerland because awareness of the value of the environment is becoming increasingly important in almost all areas of the economy. This certification ensures that the company has adequate procedures in place to measure, reduce and manage its environmental impact. « This provides our customers with even greater assurance of the quality of our high-quality products and services, » elaborates Swissterminal CEO Roman Mayer.

The ISO 14001 certification confirms the efforts that Swissterminal has already been making for years in the area of the environment. « As an entrepreneur and infrastructure operator, I think in generations. It is our duty and responsibility to provide our descendants with an intact environment, infrastructure and economy. This can only be achieved if we all do our part and sustainably meet today’s challenges, » says Mayer. With the goal of CO2-neutral production, Swissterminal AG has also been sourcing 100 % of its energy from Swiss hydropower since the beginning of 2022, for example. 

With the ISO 14001 certification, Swissterminal has reached another important milestone in the area of sustainability. For the environmental standard to be certified at specified intervals in the future, the company must demonstrate the reduction of emissions, the reduction of environmental risks and the promotion of environmentally conscious behaviour among all employees. The basis for this is provided by the core values: the company is dedicated to provide its services in an environmentally friendly manner and to continuously improve its environmental performance.

Swissterminal’s ISO 14001 certifications can be found here.