Swissterminal launches “Break & Make Bulk”

12. May 2020
Swissterminal launches “Break & Make Bulk”

Swissterminal AG enters the warehousing market and expands its role in global supply chains with “Break & Make Bulk,” a new warehousing offer for general cargo. Beginning July 2020, the Swiss expert for inland and intermodal solutions will launch Break & Make Bulk, integrating comprehensive warehousing options for a wide range of freight into its existing terminal, depot and transport services at its main location in Frenkendorf near Basel.

The name Break & Make Bulk offers a clear picture of the new product: Swissterminal breaks down bulk shipments or puts them together. The service includes goods receiving at the warehouse, customs clearance, palletising, X-docking or intermediate storage in the warehouse and transport by truck or train for both imported and exported cargo.

Though intelligent and efficient processes, Swissterminal’s Break & Make Bulk optimises logistics operations. At the heart of this new service is a modern warehouse with integrated rail siding. In addition to daily rail connections to various seaports, regular links to China are available. Furthermore, the warehouse features the standard loading ramps for trucks.

With this new offer, Swissterminal not only diversifies its portfolio with a warehousing product, but also expands beyond the container business into the handling of conventional freight trains. Compared to standard containers, conventional freight wagons have a higher capacity, leading to significant new supply chain synergies.

The addition of the Break & Make Bulk offer is expected to reduce the number of cargo transfers by road, both within Switzerland as well as to and from the seaports. By offering the option to collect goods in Frenkendorf and bundle cargo for transport via road or rail, Swissterminal allows customers to reduce their shipping emissions as well as significantly reduce their transport costs. In addition, the service enables companies to flexibly react to fluctuations of cargo flows and helps reduce strain on individual storage facilities.

Depending on customer requirements, Swissterminal either manages the delivery/collection of all customary consumer goods to/from the customer or processes batches directly at the warehouse. Live tracking is possible at any time during road or rail transport. By offering extended cut-off times for distribution and order picking at the warehouse, Swissterminal optimises the overall shipping process. A high-quality standard, efficient customs clearance and short communication channels complete the service.

Roman Mayer, CEO Swissterminal, explains: “The name of our new product says it all: With this new offer, we break bulk and we make bulk. This means that shippers and freight forwarders benefit from significant cost and emission savings as well as more flexibility. We are very pleased that we can now holistically support our customers through an optimised logistics concept for warehousing, terminal and depot services as well as transport services.”