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  1. 01.02.1972

    Alex Mayer founds Container-Depot AG, pioneering the container business.

  2. 15.04.1978

    The company moves from Basel to Frenkendorf, where it remains headquartered today.

  3. 01.11.1984

    With the opening of the Niederglatt facility in 1984, the business expands to eastern Switzerland.

  4. 01.06.1994

    Conteba container terminal in Basel is acquired from Danzas AG (today DHL).

  5. 01.01.2000

    Founder Alex Mayer retires, passing the torch to his son Roman Mayer.

  6. 01.01.2001

    A rail shuttle is introduced between Niederglatt and the Rhine terminal in Basel (NCS) as a result of Switzerland’s establishment of the Heavy Goods Vehicle tax.

  7. 15.02.2003

    Swissterminal becomes agent for ICF/Intercontainer-Interfrigo in Niederglatt as the first privately owned company in Switzerland. At the same time, it starts a shuttle between Hamburg and Niederglatt.

  8. 15.03.2004

    The new Swissterminal brand is launched, although individual company names remain active.

  9. 15.03.2004

    The Birsfelden terminal is opened.

  10. 01.01.2006

    The group changes its legal structure, founding Swissterminal Holding AG.

  11. 01.08.2008

    Terminal Liestal Empty Truck Centre is opened.

  12. 01.01.2009

    The group centralises its activities in Frenkendorf and launches the new brand Swissterminal in a new, contemporary design.

  13. 13.06.2013

    Swissterminal gets ISO 9001:2008 certified.

  14. 21.09.2016

    Schweizerzug AG, the group’s train service, is founded.

  15. 03.10.2016

    The first Schweizerzug departs from Swissterminal’s terminal in Frenkendorf.

  16. 01.11.2016

    The group successfully introduces Europe’s first inland terminal slot booking system, helping slash waiting times for container pick-up and delivery.

  17. 28.06.2018

    Swissterminal bundles its activities into two divisions, one for operational (Swissterminal Holding AG) and the other for non-operational activities (2M Holding AG).

  18. 18.06.2019

    The Group reflects the internal changes to the outside by adopting a new logo, representing trimodal trade that links Switzerland with the world.

  19. 23.01.2020

    Swissterminal enters a strategic partnership with DP World to expand its terminal networks, increase efficiency and grow its service portfolio.

  20. 01.07.2021

    Swissterminal takes over the operations of the three French inland ports Ottmarsheim, Huningue-Village-Neuf and Ile Napoléon via its subsidiary Alsaceterminal, the operator of these ports.

Our Story

Where tradition meets innovation

Today, our container terminals cover the most important areas of Switzerland and link global trade. But it all started with an empty deport, a single container and a caravan that served as an office in 1972.

When Alex Mayer opened Container-Depot AG fifty years ago, he didn’t have much, but he did have a vision: To make container trade more efficient and customers more successful.

Determined to bring his vision to life, Alex Mayer spent the next few years rapidly expanding his container terminal business across Switzerland, revolutionising container shipping and laying the foundation for the Swissterminal you see today.

Now, together with our partners at DP World, the second generation of the Mayer family guides the business forward. This dynamic partnership not only ensures we can continue providing you with world-class service today, but also allows us to extend our global reach to help your business be more successful tomorrow.

Discover more about Swissterminal’s journey and vision in the anniversary issue (November 2023) of the company magazine Good News:

Our core values

Constant in a changing world

At Swissterminal, our long-standing values guide the way we do business.

Our founder Alex Mayer instilled these six corporate principles into the company, and they have directed our development for five decades.

Continually caring
We take care for today, while actively preparing for tomorrow.

We are constantly working to understand the needs and ambitions of both our customers and our employees, and we make decisions that benefit their future.

Bravely innovative
We are never satisfied with things as they are; we always want to make them better, and we push boundaries to do it.

We enjoy challenges of all kinds, whether they come from a client or within, and we are excited by the potential of innovative technologies to create new relationships between data, people and processes.

Humbly communicative
Our customers and our suppliers are our respected partners; we listen, we learn, we share, and we create together. We maintain open lines of communication, and we are continually embracing new perspectives.

Consistently cooperative
We believe excellence can only be achieved through team effort.

At Swissterminal, our team moves as one, building on each other’s strengths and stepping up to compensate shortcomings.

Environmentally responsible
We are dedicated to reducing our impact on our environment, and we are frugal with our resources.

We work to ensure everything we do is safe, responsible and transparent.

Globally minded
We live up to our responsibility as an interface in the international container network.

We grow our influence globally by embracing diversity and optimising our operations locally.

We live diversity and inclusion



Our Leadership

Moving the future forward

Our dedicated management continually embraces new perspectives, innovations and opportunities
to better serve customers and improve global trade in a growing world.

Roman Mayer

Roman Mayer

Fabrice Marti

Fabrice Marti

Tatiana Mayer

Tatiana Mayer

Matthias Dischinger

Matthias Dischinger


Our extended management board

Andreas Jeppesen

Andreas Jeppesen

COO Business & Warehousing Solutions
Romain Stemmelen

Romain Stemmelen