Closed Rhine valley rail corridor: Swisstrain receives approval for alternative routing

21. August 2017
Closed Rhine valley rail corridor: Swisstrain receives approval for alternative routing

Frenkendorf, Switzerland, 21 August 2017: The Swisstrain, a service offered by Frenkendorf-based Swissterminal AG, has been granted right-of-way for an alternative routing during the closing of the railway line between Rastatt and Baden-Baden.

The replacement schedule to connect the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp via the hub Neuss with Frenkendorf/Basel has thus come into effect as initially planned. Despite the closure of the Rhine valley rail corridor, the Swisstrain is still able to link the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp with Frenkendorf close to Basel via the hub Neuss. The temporary routing will go via the German cities of Singen and Stuttgart and lasts until further notice. Due to this diversion, the length of the train is limited to 550 m.

The next import connection arrives in Frenkendorf on Monday, 21 August 2017. According to the new schedule, the next export departure from Frenkendorf is planned for 21 August 2017 as well.

An alternative way to link the western ports and Basel is the transport by barge. Bookings can be made via the sales team at Swisstrain directly.

Roman Mayer, President and Delegate of the Board at Swissterminal AG, comments: “We are delighted to offer our clients alternative transport solutions for import and export cargo to Rotterdam and Antwerp by both train and barge. Together with our partners, we have developed a replacement schedule to minimise disruptions and extra charges as much as possible. We are able to offer two connections between Frenkendorf and Rotterdam and Antwerp per week until further notice.”

On 12 August 2017, a severe lowering of railway tracks took place south of Rastatt, where construction works to build a new tunnel were taking place. Consequently, the important Rhine Alpine Rail Freight Corridor that links Northern European sea ports with Southern Germany, Switzerland and Italy, has been closed until further notice, causing massive disruptions.