Optimisation of the Schweizerzug 2024: Swissterminal reduces prices and increases frequencies to Rotterdam and Antwerp

5. December 2023

Swissterminal is responding to the challenges in the Swiss economy with an optimisation of the Schweizerzug timetable. From January 2024, Schweizerzug will offer five round trips per week from Frenkendorf to Antwerp and an extended service to Rotterdam, focussing on more terminals. The abolition of the supply chain surcharge and minimisation of transshipment costs will contribute to an overall cost reduction. The adjustments aim to enhance the competitiveness of customers and optimise their logistics processes.

The manufacturing industry in Switzerland operates under challenging conditions. The strong Swiss franc, along with the general interest rate environment, increases competitive pressure against foreign competitors. Additionally, geopolitical factors and a general shortage of skilled workers add to the challenges.
With the adjustments to the Schweizerzug, Swissterminal aims to further optimise logistics processes and strengthen the competitiveness of its customers. „For the coming year, we offer our customers even greater flexibility, efficiency and cost savings,“ says Roman Mayer, CEO of Swissterminal.
From 1 January 2024, Schweizerzug will run five direct round trips weekly between Frenkendorf and Antwerp. This provides customers with daily connections. Simultaneously, the company expands its schedule to Rotterdam. Instead of simply increasing round trips, Swissterminal also focusses on strengthening connectivity by servicing more terminals in Rotterdam. As of 2024, in addition to Rotterdam World Gateway, terminals APM 2, Euromax and ECT Delta will also be directly served.
The elimination of the supply chain surcharge reduces general transport costs for Schweizerzug customers between Frenkendorf and the deepsea ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Transshipment costs between terminals in Rotterdam are also entirely eliminated. „Our focus on quality goes hand in hand with our commitment to costefficient solutions. We want to keep our customers competitive. The upcoming price reductions on the Schweizerzug are clear steps in this direction,“ explains Mayer.
Together with its partner DP World, Swissterminal organises the transshipments to the terminals in Rotterdam and Antwerp, as well as the transportation from the first to the last mile in Switzerland, depending on the customer‘s requirements.