Following the same line

17. September 2018
Following the same line

Schweizerzug has been offering a direct link between the port of Antwerp and the Swiss terminals of Frenkendorf near Basel and Niederglatt near Zurich since July this year. The company took advantage of the opportunity offered by this expansion of services to invite its partners, Port of Antwerp and DP World Antwerp Gateway, to a get-together in Zurich. 

Katarina Stancova and Philippe Beaujean from Port of Antwerp, Steve Declercq from DP World Antwerp Gateway and Roman Mayer of Schweizerzug gave presentations to around 80 freight forwarders and shippers from Switzerland and Benelux, showing them how the expansion of the network creates fast and reliable connections between Europe’s second largest port and Switzerland, thereby promoting environmentally friendly transport. In addition to cutting down on pollutants in comparison with road transport, Schweizerzug also helps to improve the precarious situation in handling inland shipping at the port of Antwerp. 

As regards railfreight traffic, there is still a great deal of potential in the port of Antwerp. Although there is a total of over 1,000 km of track in the port precincts, only around 8% of the hinterland traffic is in fact carried by rail. This has to change, for the port would like to achieve a modal split of 40-20-20 between the three transport modes – road, inland waterway and rail – by the year 2030.

Schweizerzug is definitely going to be involved when it comes to achieving this aim!