On February 1, 1972, the cornerstone for Swissterminal was laid. On that day, Alex Mayer founded Container Depot AG, at the time a pioneer in containers. After continuous growth, the Frenkendorf depot started operations in April 1978. Soon after (1984) the Niederglatt location expanded the terminal business to eastern Switzerland. With the acquisition of the container terminal Basel (Conteba) at the Basel Rhine port came the decisive step of being largest container terminal operator in Switzerland.

The connection to Rhine shipping ultimately led to the start of the train shuttle Niederglatt-Conteba seaport (NCS, 1/1/2001), which was operated in house. The commissioning of the Birsfelden and Rekingen terminals took place in March 2004 and December 2006, respectively. Since January 2006, the corporate group has operated under the new name, Swissterminal. Over the years, Swissterminal has focused increasingly on terminal operations and has remained the only neutral terminal services provider in Switzerland. As a result, there have been a number of consolidations in the Swiss transport market.


Alex Mayer could not let go of his idea for a container business. He therefore did the only thing he could do: he put it into practice. And the idea continues to work. He has passed along the passion in his genes to the rest of the family and inspired his staff with his infectious enthusiasm. His success has proven him right. Today, thanks to a good idea and consistent perseverance, Swissterminal is a successful business.

Now the second generation of the Mayer family holds the destiny of Swissterminal in its hands. And they can count on the support and commitment of loyal employees, who have also succumbed to Alex Mayer’s obsession with containers and who help to continue the success story.


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