Barge Service

With a low fuel consumption and a high carrying capacity, barge is one of the most environmentally friendly, economical modes of inland transport. We offer frequent barge connections between Switzerland and Europe’s largest container ports, helping you flexibly design your business’s supply chain flows.

Product overview

Swissterminal’s barge service connects the largest industrial regions in Switzerland with Europe’s largest container ports.

Kleinhuenigen / Birsfelden «» Rotterdam / Antwerp

Our barge service regularly links our terminals in Basel-Kleinhuenigen and Basel-Birsfelden with deepsea terminals in the ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp via the German hub Germersheim, which is operated by our partner DP World.

By using a hub system, customers can take advantage from DP World’s service network.

Why Swissterminal barge?

  • 2 weekly roundtrips from Basel and Birsfelden to Rotterdam and Antwerp
  • Door-to-door solution in Switzerland
  • Reliable and cost-effective connections

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Key benefits of Swissterminal barge


Sustainable and eco-friendly solution

Barge is the most environmentally friendly form of inland transportation. Low fuel consumption and high-volume capacities translate to fewer emissions and help your company to reduce its carbon footprint. In addition, barges have low noise pollution and minimal impact on surrounding nature.


High transport capacity

Barges are able to carry more cargo than any other mode of inland transport. With a capacity of 96 TEU, our barges not only ensure there is always space for your cargo today, but also room for your business to grow tomorrow.


Reduced cost

Due to its high carrying capacity and low fuel consumption, barges are one of the most economical forms of intermodal transport.


Complimentary storage

Barge customers receive four free days of complimentary storage at any Swissterminal facility prior or post departure.


Late closing

On Fridays, Swissterminal barge customers are able to deliver all day to meet the Saturday departure’s closing. This gives your transport schedule more flexibility.